Which Premier League team gives teenagers the most exposure to the pitch?

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Which Premier League team gives teenagers the most exposure to the pitch?

The Premier League is often criticize for not giving young players the opportunity to thrive and has often chosen to turn to non- league superstars instead. Report from UFABET

Last season With the latter team dominating in giving ‘teenagers’ players the most exposure to the pitch in the league , 19-year-old Tino Liframento. The right-back they signed from Chelsea. He played 24 games or 2202 minutes. Plus 20 minutes on the pitch before he turned 20 from Armando Broja. Who joined on loan from Chelsea. too

As for Manchester United, despite a not very good season. But they haven’t forgotten to give their young players a chance. Whether it’s from Anthony Elanga. Who turned 20 in April, and the brief moments of Hannibal Mejbri and Alejandro Carnacho, they’re still aging. All together,

Leeds United are also a team that uses quite a lot of their own academy players. partly because of necessity After the senior players were hit hard by injuries.

Meanwhile, there are also a number of teams that either don’t use their youngsters at all or use them less than expected, such as Arsenal. Who have the lowest average age of any team in the league. But to use players younger than 20 years, a total of just over 100 minutes, or Chelsea, who did not give their own young players a chance for even a minute.

The number of minutes a player of each youth qualifying team touches the pitch.

1. Southampton – 2,222 minutes
2. Manchester United – 1,527 minutes
3. Norwich – 1,079 minutes
4. Leeds – 1,073 minutes
5. Wolves – 942 minutes
6. Everton – 457 minutes
7. Liverpool – 420 minutes
8. Aston Villa – 414 minutes
9. Crystal Palace – 358 minutes
10. Manchester City – 158 minutes
11. Arsenal – 137 minutes
12. Brighton – 67 minutes
13. Watf Ford – 26 minutes
14. Brentford – 17 minutes
15. West Ham – 4 minutes
16. Tottenham – 3 minutes
17= Burnley – 0 minutes