Rio recalls the pain of Ed Woodward eject from Manchester United

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Rio recalls the pain of Ed Woodward eject from Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand has revealed. That he was shock too. After being told by former Manchester United chief Ed Woodward. He would not stay at Old Trafford.

Ferdinand helped the team to six Premier League titles over a decade. Since joining from Leeds United in 2002. Before deciding to part ways at the end of the 2013/14 season. And ending his career at QPR,

most recently at the age of 43. He has revealed. The untold story Woodward being told. He will not staying at the club just 10 minutes. After the final game of the season

“We went to Southampton. I ask a few times to get a new contract. Or not I was told that the manager had not yet made a decision. Which was very slow as Nemanja Vidic knew ahead of time. That he would not go further. So he farewell to everyone first. But I still don’t know anything,”

“I understand that the club told Vidic he would not stay, told Patrice Evra and Ryan Giggs, who were both leading the team. So I thought I had a chance to keep going because he wouldn’t throw us all out at once.”

“Ed Woodward came into the changing room. But in general big guys. Would always come to us. Lost in the end game to say we played well or whatever. But he come said to ‘Listen. We’re not going to renew your contract’ and that happened only 10 minutes after the game

. hair I’m not very good at hiding my feelings anyway. I feel like think. I think still useful to the club. It’s useful to my team-mates.”

“I remember someone saying to me, I can’t believe it This is terribly bad. ” He told UFABET