Federico Valverde Robbo Aftermath UEFA Champions League Final

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Federico Valverde Robbo Aftermath UEFA Champions League Final

Real Madrid star Federico Valverde has link with left-back Andy Robertson. Liverpool Football Club After the UEFA Champions League final game On Saturday, the title went to the White Kings following the winner of Vinicius Junior. Report from UFABET

Valverde’s direct-to-position matchup against Robbo at the Stade de V. ronx, france And the Argentine star, who was on the ball in the area Robertson was responsible for before helping to pass the ball for Vinicius to score in the end.

“It’s easier for me to raise a child than to have Robertson,” Valverde told reporters after the game.

“I just brought the ball as close to the box as possible. Then the half passed into the penalty area. It ended up being a great pass and Vinicius made it even more beautiful.”

Valverde was just a key player in Real Madrid’s 2021-22 UEFA Champions League title and the club’s 14th title after assisting Wini. Zeus Junior scores the winning goal in the 59th minute.

In addition, the 23-year-old star can also follow. And stop Robertson’s offensive game satisfactorily in the match as well.

During the celebration of the championship at the Santiago Bernabeu, Valverde, playing with his son on the shoulder, spoke in a way that Robertson said, “raising a son. Mine is even harder than following Robertson.”