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Warning signs of appendicitis.

Appendicitis Appendicitis is the most common form of acute abdominal pain. It can be found in all ages. The number of patients is up to 7 percent of Thai people, with most patients found during childhood to working age. The appendix can become inflamed for

Chocolate cyst or endometrial growth in the wrong place.

Endometrial hyperplasia or chocolate cyst It is a common disease in women of reproductive age. One reason believed to cause this disease is that during natural menstruation, if no fertilized egg implants, no pregnancy will occur. The endometrium falls out and menstrual blood flows from

Lose weight in a healthy and Way What should you avoid.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way This can be done by eating foods that are nutritious. And exercise regularly. Additionally, you should avoid certain behaviors such as taking diet pills. Striving to lose weight causes extreme stress. In order not to

Breasts and the problem of sagging and choosing The right bra

Women’s breasts change as they age. And it can become loose due to other factors such as hormones or pregnancy. But sagging breasts may not be much of a concern. Because women can make their breasts firm and look beautiful in many ways, such as

Seaweed, benefits from the sea and many things you should know

Algae are aquatic plants with a very high species diversity. Found in both freshwater and saltwater around the world. and grows quickly in sunny locations. High carbon dioxide content enough dietary minerals With a lot of vitamins and minerals in seaweed. As a result, some species

Luo Han Guo, herbs with many medicinal properties

Luo Han Guo is a popular Chinese herb where the dried fruit is boil in water and consumed as a drink. It is believe that this herb may have antioxidant properties. antibacterial anti-inflammatory Has a beneficial effect on diabetics. And it’s a good choice for those

Formulas for exfoliating the skin to quickly fix dark groin

Dark groin is one problem that may make many people worried and unsure. This may be cause by being overweight. exercise or the use of certain medications, many people try to use creams or even consume dietary supplements that claim to brighten the skin. Because it is