Richarlison reveals he doesn’t support Fabinho-Alisson in the UCL

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Richarlison reveals he doesn’t support Fabinho-Alisson in the UCL final despite being a national team-mate

Everton striker Richarlison has revealed that the UEFA Champions League final He couldn’t cheer for Fabinho & Alisson Becker from Liverpool to win despite being friends in the Brazilian national team.

“To be honest, in the UEFA Champions League final, I support Real Madrid because of the good relationship with manager Carlo Ancelotti, with whom he previously managed Everton.” The outspoken striker speaks to the UFABET.

“Even though it was a short period of time, the two of us worked together very smoothly. He helped me improve my pace by many times. taught me so many good things that I texted Ancelotti before the final. It’s going to start saying, wish you (Real Madrid) good luck.”

“Meanwhile, Fabinho and Alisson Becker, as well as goalkeeper coach Claudio Tuffarel, are also in the Liverpool squad, which will play against Ancelotti’s Madrid. But with it being a club game So I don’t need to support them.”

“Don’t forget that Everton & Liverpool are rivals in the city that never have a good relationship. But after the regular season it was over. This is the time of the national team. We are in the Celestau army as well. We are one.”

“In fact, everyone is friends. So let’s talk They can live together in the camp without any problems.”