Get acquainted with the popular Kao Ke card game!

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Get to know “Kao Ke” is one of the card games. That people play seriously today. Which are play in online formats as well By playing the game of nine games. There will a combination of playing cards and poker itself. Betting if playing nine games in an online casino will use money transfers. But if playing live casino. Chip exchange is use to place bets. And what are some interesting topics in such card games? Let’s read. Let’s go see UFABET

Nine games have play for a long time as one of the timeless games. Playing will consist of the main equipment, which is 1 deck of cards. Players that can be play in 1 table are from 2 players or more. But only a maximum 6 people. Excluding the dealer (dealer). That the players complete or is the right amount. The process of playing the first nine-gay card. Game is that the dealer will let the player pick up 1 card each. Before continuing until end of the game. Then 2nd and 3rd card itself.

After the player has 3 cards in their hand, including the dealer. After that the cards open. With a timer When the time is right. It will be a bet. Without showing any cards. The first person who has the right to bet first is the dealer. And then the next player. There are 3 types of players you should know about betting on nine games as follows:

  • The ” getup ” means betting at that time. To have a higher amount person. The next person gets over 30 baht.
  • “Following” means placing bets on the person who raises the player one more time.
  • A “fold” means not placing a bet on a nine-game card game.