What is the Kao Ke rule of playing?

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What is the Kao Ke rule of playing?

Rules of playing the nine main cards It will exist as follows. Let’s go see UFABET

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In this rule of playing nine cards. There is no dealer, 1 deck of cards.

As it turns out to be funny. How many baht will you drop? If playing for fun. Fun in the game.

Should not play with more 6 people. Paying cards in the first play can paid to anyone. The next turn. If already the winner. The winner card must be dealt as the top leg first. 

1. Tong card

That is all three cards. In order from big to small, Tong 3 is the largest card in nine games. Because it counts from total. This triple 3 counts as 9 points. Next in order will be Tong A > Tong K > Tong Q > Tong J > Tong 10 > Tong 9 > Tong 8 > Tong 7 > Tong 6 > Tong 5 > Tong 4 > Tong 2

2. Colored cards (straight flush)

is that all 3 cards in hand are consecutive numbers and are the same flower. If the players have cards of the same color. The winning will be determine base on the cards. In the order as follows: Hearts > Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs. If they are the same flower. They will count the cards that are arranged for each person who has a higher numbered sequence. The highest is QKA , respectively.

3. Sorting cards

That is, all 3 cards in hand are numbered consecutively. The largest will start from QKA

4. Master cards

It is all three cards that are in a group of cards J,Q,K, which are not in sequence, such as QQJ, KKQ, JJK


how are you today Add has come to know about the rules of the nine-ke card quite detailed. How to see if the winning of the Nine-Ke card must be sorted from Tong > Straight Flush > Sort > Sian > Color > Points , respectively. Or whether it’s just counting. You have to look at the controller as well. Kao Ke can play easily. Yes, if you want to play for fun.