West Ham and Southampton made Arsenal lose the championship.

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Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane sees two games. As a key factor in Arsenal hopes of winning the Premier League this season: draws with West Ham and Southampton.

“Cannon” has a draw in 3 games in a row with Liverpool 2-2. West Ham 2-2 and Southampton 3-3. With the first two games leading the team before two goals. But collecting one point Meet “Saints” the team must chase after the equalizer.

From always being the leader of the crowd. But missing points, causing Manchester City to overtake and losing to Brighton in the latest game. Making it difficult to turn around and win the championship. Which Keane pointed out that looking back on the two games that always West Ham and Southampton. It must have really disappointed them UFABET 

“I think when you look five or six weeks after the West Ham and Southampton games. It just popped into my head.” Keane said. “I know they lost to Man City and dropped points against Liverpool but it happened. They won 25 games in the league which is great. But those two games [West Ham and Southampton] affected them a little bit.

“I think the most important thing is that Arsenal don’t have as strong and deep a team as Manchester City, they don’t have enough. It’s as simple as that.

“They need four or five new players, but that’s easier said than done. They need to get the right players with the right character. So if they are in this position again. As a leading team, they will have a chance to succeed.”