Vieira points out that Arsenal must buy 3-4 more people to win the championship.

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Former Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira believes the former club will need three. Or four more additions to compete with Manchester City next season for the title.

“Cannon” has done great this season, leading the table for a long time. But in the end, it was overtaken by “Sailboat” and had a high chance of winning the championship. Which Vieira pointed out that Mikel Arteta’s team needed 3-4 more players to compete for the title next year.

“What really matters is experience. The players who go through this period get experience.” Vieira told Sky Sports. The pressure will be different.

“They will have to learn from this situation. Live with it and that will make them even stronger next year.”

On recruitment, Vieira said: “There was something missing on the pitch because. When you look back they needed a few pieces of the puzzle, centre-back. They probably need a right-back too.” UFABET

“In midfield I think they have some good quality players. But they need more strength.”

” Up front it’s important to have players who can score goals. And if they can bring in three or four of those players to start the XI they will move closer to Manchester City more”