Mourinho insists the team has achieved the goal.

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Roma coach Jose Mourinho believes that even if this year the team will not reach the Europa League. And did not qualify for the UEFA Champions League. But was considered a success.

Wolves only managed to draw 0-0 with Bologna in their last game. Leaving them without a win in five straight league games, dropping to sixth in the table, six points behind Lazio in the top four. Remaining last 3 games 

While the team still has hopes of playing in the UEFA Champions League this season by winning the Europa League. That is currently in the semi-finals against Leverkusen. With the first game winning at home 1-0. But Mourinho pointed out that even if in the end the team was considered successful this season UFABET 

“The fans have to listen to me. When we were second or third in the table a few weeks ago. I always said this team could only go one game at a time. Because if there is more than one program. We can’t handle it.” said Mourinho.

“Our season has been great. People can say what they want and analyze the results of the matches. Whether we win or not, finish 4th or 7th.” 

“But for me It’s a limited season. That’s great for me. It’s a tough game again. The lottery was not easy. We had an opportunity from Belotti to score, we were denied a penalty. So it’s a good performance.”

As for readiness before meeting with Leverkusen in the second leg of the Europa League semi-final, Mourinho said: “Wijnaldum is fine, he played 60-65 minutes today.”