What is the best time to drinking water?

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In addition to the amount of water you drink. Improving the efficiency of the body’s functioning. This may be done by drinking water at appropriate times as follows.

  • After waking up,  drinking 1 glass of water after waking up Helps the body eliminate various toxins and stimulates the functioning of internal organs.
  • After bathing.  Drinking 1 glass of water after bathing. Can help reduce blood pressure.
  • Before meals:  Drinking 1 glass of water 30 minutes before eating. Helps the digestive system work better. Also drink another glass of water 1 hour after eating to help the body absorb nutrients. But gastric juice can become diluted if you drink water for too long.
  • Before bed  Drinking a glass of water before bed can help replace the fluid lost during the night.ทางเข้า ufabet

Is drinking tap water dangerous?

Many people may believe that tap water is harmful to their health. From the various substances and odors found, the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health revealed that The smell found in tap water is chlorine , a substance accepted by the World Health Organization to help kill germs in water. It also helps confirm that the water has been successfully disinfected. But if anyone doesn’t like the smell of chlorine You may leave the water for 20-30 minutes and the chlorine smell will disappear. And for those who are afraid of trihalomethanes (Trihalomethanes) in tap water if calculated from the concentration of trihalomethanes. that is set to not exceed 0.08 milligrams per liter The Department of Health confirms that consumers must consume trihalomethanes for 252 years to be at risk of developing cancer.