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Exercise is a very effective way to lose weight. Because exercise helps the body burn off more energy and excess fat. The most appropriate exercise for weight loss is

  • Cardio exercises  include running, swimming, and cycling. Aerobic dancing and walking will help your body burn a lot of calories.
  • Building muscle strength (Strength Training) includes using bands. Exercising like bodyweight (  Body Weight) or weight training (Weight Training) will help the body burn fat from muscles well.ทางเข้า ufabet

Initially, you should exercise with moderate movement for at least 150–300 minutes per week to maintain a stable weight loss. Or you may increase your time to more than 300 minutes per week if you want to lose approximately 5% more weight.  

However, before exercising, you should also observe your body’s readiness. If you have health problems or are overweight. You should consult your doctor to help plan an exercise plan that will not affect your health in the long term.

The causes of being obese or overweight can be caused by many factors. Such as lack of exercise. Wrong eating habits, genetics, age, health problems, pregnancy, insufficient rest. Side effects of treatment and medication or behavior of family members 

Weight loss should be kept within safe limits. This is because aiming to lose weight through the wrong methods without medical advice, such as dieting, using diet pills in inappropriate amounts, digging deep into your throat, or exercising too strenuously. Will cause negative effects on health. and may accumulate until becoming a mental health problem ,  such as becoming anorexia nervosa or bulimia