Chocolate cyst or endometrial growth in the wrong place.

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Endometrial hyperplasia or chocolate cyst It is a common disease in women of reproductive age. One reason believed to cause this disease is that during natural menstruation, if no fertilized egg implants, no pregnancy will occur. The endometrium falls out and menstrual blood flows from the vagina. When menstrual blood runs out The endometrium will thicken further to accommodate the egg that will be implant in the next cycle.

In this disease ufabet, it is believe that in the past few months menstrual blood has not flowed out through the cervix in time. Some of the blood will overflow into the fallopian tubes like flooding a dam and overflow. Some of the blood that flows back out into the fallopian tubes falls into the pelvis. The slough off endometrium also falls into the pelvic floor behind the uterus. Which then implants itself on the peritoneal lining and continues to grow Just like a seed that is plant in the ground will take root and continue to grow.

This is because the endometrium develops in these places. It is tissue that depends on estrogen produc by the ovaries. Which is like fertilizer given to trees The tree continu to grow. With this disease, when menopause is reach, the symptoms will decrease until they disappear. This is because there is no estrogen from the ovaries to feed, like a tree that lacks fertilizer. The tree withered and died.

   Endometriosis can lodge itself in various places in the abdominal cavity, such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and bladder. the peritoneum, liver, diaphragm, or outside the abdominal cavity, such as the lungs, at the abdominal or navel wound At first there will be small bumps. As more implants develop, an inflammatory reaction occurs, causing fibrosis to form. If implant deep in the ovary The blood that comes out is stuck and can’t go anywhere. Will accumulate and grow into cysts. Blood that accumulates over time will thicken. The color is like chocolate, so it is called chocolate cyst.

Symptoms of chocolate cyst

  • I have a lot of stomach pain. 
  • Chronic lower abdominal pain during menstruation 
  • The pain gets worse every month. 
  • Pain in the front area from the navel to the pelvic floor 
  • Pain in the back from the waist to the coccyx 
  • There is pain when having sex. 

Chocolate Cyst Treatment

Chocolate cyst can be treat with medication and surgery. If a small cyst is found The doctor will give you medication or injections to reduce the size. If it’s a large chocolate cyst The doctor will perform laparoscopic surgery through the abdomen.